First Visit

We would like to welcome you to our dental specialty practice and outline our procedure for your first visit.GettyImages_76532265

Your appointment with us will be spent conducting a thorough dental and oral examination.

This includes a visual examination of the oral tissue and the teeth, clinical photographs, radiographs (X-rays), health and medical history.

You will also be given a head, neck and oral cancer evaluation. The more thorough the examination, the better we can form a diagnosis and treatment plan for your oral and dental care.

The past medical and dental history will be compared to the visual, clinical and radiographic information obtained at this appointment. A diagnosis will be made, then a report and fee estimate will be prepared and thoroughly discussed with you at this or a subsequent appointment.

There will be time to ask questions, which we encourage no matter how in-significant you may think they are. The amount of time varies per appointment, therefore some patients require additional appointments.

Dr. Sulaiman is a good listener! He will listen to your concerns, what you are trying to accomplish with the treatment, addressing the referrals where he will gather all the information from you along with his experience and knowledge to provide you the best treatment recommendation according to your needs.

Financial Information

We believe that oral health is part of overall individual’s health that affects the whole physical appearance, emotional status, functional well-being and quality of life. Ideally, financial considerations should not be an interference to achieve these goals.

We are compassionate towards your financial capabilities.  Your financial arrangement will be discussed following the diagnosis and presentation of treatment options, according to your concern and needs.

We are a fee for service office which means payment is due at time of service. We will gladly bill your insurance as a courtesy to you.  Any reimbursement from the insurance company will be mailed directly to you. Please let us know about your insurance plan and coverage so that we may bill for your appointment on your behalf.

We accept most major credit cards and insurance plans.

Affordable payment plans are also available through Lending Club.


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