Welcome to Our Practice!

Who we are

  • Dr. Sulaiman is a specialist dentist devoted to improving your smile and oral functions, such as: chewing, speaking, and swallowing.
  • We are a dedicated team, specialized in restoring your natural appearance through dental and oral prosthetic reconstruction.
  • No two patients are alike. We will work with you to understand to you wants and expectations. We will then develop a treatment plan to address your concerns. We will also coordinate your care with your other dental specialists, if applicable.
  • Patients come to us for many reasons: to improve their smile, replace missing teeth, improve their natural appearance, and restore function.
  • We do custom dental prosthetic work that will fit your unique smile and bite, let you speak and chew comfortably, improve your natural appearance and self-confidence.
  • If you are interested in replacing your missing teeth with such as crowns, bridges, partials and dental implants, this is what we do in our practice!

Mission Statement

A dental practice of dedicated professionals committed to excellence in patient treatment care and communication. Quality of life is our number one consideration in delivering excellence of our service.

A staff committed to participating in a team that honors integrity, respect and daily communication, to create a working environment that generates efficiency and enjoyable atmosphere.

Our practice is offering a Professional Service in Cosmetic and Esthetic Dentistry, Fixed Prosthodontics, Implant Prosthodontics, Removable Prosthodontics, Maxillofacial Prosthodontics/Prosthetics, and Dental/Oral management and aspects of head and neck cancer treatments.

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