Pictures of hematologic malignancies and metastatic cancer in the oral cavity

1. Leukemic infiltrate to mucosal and gingival tissue (pancytopenia)
Notice the oral hygiene is excellent

2. Manifestation of malignant lymphoma (AIDS patient) in the palatal and gingival mucosa

3. Biopsy proven plasmacytoma in the oral mucosa/cheek tissue

4. Metastatic breast cancer in the mandibular bone (bone of the lower jaw)
Dental consult for the numbness on the left lower jaw. (Radiographs before and after metastasis occurred in 2 months)


Short and long term complications of cancer treatment in the oral cavity

1. Osteoradionecrosis (ORN)



2. Post radiation dental caries


3. Radiation skin burn

4. Trismus (inability to open the mouth) and trismus appliance

5. Stereotactic radiation therapy device and radiation mouthguard


6. Radiation mucositis during radiation therapy

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