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Hearing about our patient’s success stories means the world to us! Do you have a success story or words or encouragement that you’d like to share with our new patients or anyone considering Prosthodontic treatment? New patients and anyone searching for inspiration in their own journey would certainly find comfort and hope from your good news.

Sharing your feelings, triumphs, and even heartbreaks along the way may be difficult but we encourage you to give it a try – because it might be your story that inspires someone else to stay strong and not give up. Creating a positive experience is truly our goal here at Pacific Prosthodontics, and we hope you will consider helping us reach those currently searching for treatment.

We will not post or print any part of your story without your permission as specified on the submission form

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    Where are you now in your treatment?

    What led you to Pacific Prosthodontics?

    Describe some of the ups and downs you have experiences in your Prosthodontic treatment

    Has the Prosthodontic treatment changed you as a person?

    What advice would you give to your best friend if facing similar issues like yours?

    How would you like your name shared? Please note, due to HIPAA laws we prefer not to use your last name in our web and printed materials.

    Please advise how we may share your story (check all that apply):
    Post on Pacific Prosthodontics' Facebook/Website/PinterestPrint in brochure, newsletterContact you for additional interviewsI am available for sharing my stories for dental study clubs/seminars

    Do you have any other details to share that might inspire others?

    Is there anyone in particular on the staff at Pacific Prosthodontics that you'd like to commend, and why?

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