Environmentally Friendly Practice

We are proud to be a green practice, our firm dedication, commitment and responsibility to our planet we live in.

Our practice has been using electronic charting 2004. It means we are using paperless charting system. Less printing means fewer paper consumption and more trees we can save! At the beginning it was hard for everyone, for every patient and the staff, but now we are running 100% smoothly and getting used to it. We don’t print paper if we don’t have to.

We don’t use any chemical solutions to process our radiographs, we have digital radiograph machines, either for periapical, bitewing and panorex radiographs. We don’t use radiographic (X-ray) film but 100% instant imaging on the computer screen!

We use electronic message correspondences with our referring doctors and dentists as communication tools. Digital photos and radiographs, along with all letter correspondence are sent electronically via e-mail in efficiently and timely manner.

We recycle and compose.

Part of energy saving, we use only LED and fluorescent light bulbs for our ceiling light.

All the liquid waste from dental procedures will be caught to a filter container so it will not go to the our water drainage. Amalgam waste will go to our trap.

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