Our Philosophy

We believe everyone deserve a great quality dental work, what the treatment is.

I am taking care of each patient one at the time and there is no such things as “easy and straight forward case”. Each case is unique to each patient, with my knowledge, 20 plus more experience in Prosthodontics and support from other dental and medical specialists upon needed, we are able to provide treatments customized to each patient’s needs.

Follow up after treatment completed is the key to treatment success, from calling them how they are doing to see if the patients have any problems with recently delivered prostheses we made.

We provide simple design in prosthesis that will provide maximum functions and outcomes within patient’s economic limitations. Ideally, the finance should not hinder what they need to restore their natural smile and basic functions such as daily chewing, speaking, swallowing. Therefore we often provide alternative treatment if ideal treatment does not meet patient’s economic limitations .