Visiting Our Practice Facility

 Before Your First Visit

We encourage you to fill out First Visit forms before your visit, complete questionnaires as accurate as possible to provide us the most complete information to serve your needs. This information provides Dr. Frankie Sulaiman and his staff with your appropriate information, including your medical, dental and family history.

If you have had any previous dental or prosthodontic treatment, please provide us with those records, radiographs, models.


At Your First Visit

Your first visit, you will be welcome with our friendly staff, who will obtain a panoramic radiograph which is part of initial examination and meet one-on-one with Dr. Sulaiman understanding your concerns, issues and answering questions. Dr. Sulaiman is a very good listener and will explain your specific problems in detail, and will provide you with the best treatment options available to you. By the end of your first visit, our team will work to ensure that you understand all of the recommended treatment options, along with treatment estimate fees.

If you have any family members that are able to come with you, please invite them to accompany you to your appointment. Please bring photo ID, your insurance card/information, and any other benefit information you wish to bring.