Removable Prosthodontics

E006145 The branch of prosthodontics concerned with the replacement of teeth and contiguous structures for edentulous or partially edentulous patients by artificial substitutes that are removable from the mouth stability of a restoration and resist dislodgment along an axis other than the path of placement.

Removable Prosthodontics exclusively involves the fabrication of complete dentures, immediate dentures, partial dentures and implant dentures.

Complete Denture:
a removable dental prosthesis that replaces the entire dentition (teeth) and associated structures of the maxillae (upper jaw) or mandible (lower jaw).

Immediate Denture:
a complete denture or removable partial denture fabricated for placement immediately following the removal of natural teeth.

Removable Partial Denture:
any prosthesis that replaces some teeth in a partially dentate arch. It can be removed from the mouth and replaced at will.

Interim Partial or Complete Denture:
interim prosthesis: a fixed or removable prosthesis, designed to enhance esthetics, stabilization and/or function for a limited period of time, after which it is to be replaced by a definitive prosthesis. Often such prostheses are used to assist in determination of the therapeutic effectiveness of a specific treatment plan or the form and function of the planned for definitive prosthesis.

Implant Denture:
a denture is not an implantable device. The prosthesis (fixed partial denture, removable partial denture, complete denture) may be supported and retained in part or whole by dental implants.

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