Welcome to Our Practice

Dr. Frankie Sulaiman is a specialty dentist devoted to improving your smile and oral functions, such as: chewing, speaking, and swallowing. We are a dedicated team, specialized in restoring your natural appearance through dental and oral prosthetic reconstruction. No two patients are alike. We will work with you to understand to your concerns and expectations. We will then develop a customized ideal treatment plan for you. We will also coordinate your care with your other Dental Specialists (Oral Surgeon, Gum Specialist, Root Canal Specialist, Orthodontist), if applicable to your needs.

Patients come to us for many reasons: they want to improve their smile, replace missing teeth, improve their natural appearance, and restore chewing function. We do custom dental prosthetic work that will fit your unique smile and bite, let you speak and chew comfortably, and also to improve your natural appearance and self-confidence.